Starting Afresh

West Cork Sailing Centre it taking a new “tack” (sorry!) in 2016. We are based in the most incredible unspoilt place for sailing in Ireland. Where you could venture out in to Bantry Bay on a sunny afternoon and not meet any other boats, but meet a sea of birds, dolphins, whales and wildlife.

We want to share that sea with you. Come sailing, pop down for a stroll on the beach, sit on the pier, rent a kayak. Whatever floats your boat. Join us for this new adventure. An adventure in to the beautiful world around us.



While out on a cetacean survey with Jessy of Adrigole, during summer 2015, I was lucky enough to discover two new previously unidentified Irish Humpback Whales. HP34 and HP35. The South and South West Coast of Ireland is becoming a hot spot for these magnificent creatures with new animals being recorded almost weekly.

A Humpback can be clearly identified by the markings on their tales and pectoral fins and every “Humpy” registered gets a number, so that is 35 unique Irish sightings registered up to June 2015. (a lot more have since been added to the register and were hoping for a bumper year in 2016)

If you ever see dolphins or whales while out headland walking or sailing, always report them to IWDG with as much info as you can record. Take a few pics if you can.