Kayaking with the Seals

You have the freedom to paddle in the sheltered waters of Adrigole Harbour, where seals will follow your kayak and curiously bob up their heads around you.

Explore the little coves and inlets and enjoy watching the numerous sea birds swirling above you or diving ahead in to the clear waters.  If you are very lucky you may enjoy the company of a visiting dolphin or porpoise – they love to play with the kayaks. Quiet early morning visitors to the harbour will enjoy see otters fishing or floating relaxed in the sheltered waters. Float past the flowering gorse bushes and inhale their heady coconut scent.

Orthorn Island is in the centre of Adrigole Harbour and nesting grounds for Sea Turns and Oyster Catchers – we request that visitors DO NOT land on the island during nesting season and enjoy these graceful birds from the water.

  • A selection of wetsuits is available.
  • Bouyancy aids are provided and compulsory (toddler to giant).
  • We do not allow boats out in winds we consider to be dangerous. Rain doesn’t stop us though.
  • Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Safety cover is provided at all times.

Boats, dates and rates

Single Sit on Top €12 / hour
Double / Triple Sit on Top
or Canadian Canoe
€20 / hr
Rowing Boat  NEW FOR 2018 €30 / hr
4 single kayaks
or more
€10 / hr
3 hour morning
10am to 1pm only
€15 pp

We recommend booking, though it is not essential. Call or text your booking

083 1156672

Rest of year to advance group bookings only.

Single Sit on Top

Self bailing, so will have a little water in the bottom but never fill and cannot sink.  Use a double paddle. Wear with a wetsuit or swim suit. 1 person €12 per per hour

Double or Triple Sit on Top

Also self bailing.  Use double paddles. Team work needed here, heaviest in the back for easy steering. Wear with a wetsuit or swim suit. 2 to 3 people €20 per hour

Canadian Canoe

Sit comfortably upright and use a single paddle. Can paddle fully clothed, wetsuit or swim suit. 2 / 3 adults or family of 4 with small children €20 per hour