Ocean Yachtmaster OnLine Course


Pre-requisites … Participants will require Day Skipper Theory knowledge.

Course is delivered by Navathome, a RYA Recognised Training Centre specialising in online training.

How it works … The RYA Ocean Yachtmaster course includes the RYA question paper and almanac. Free extras include downloadable pro-formers, downloadable, dedicated plotting sheets and the most comprehensive online ocean navigation course available. The course consists of animated lessons that work on any device, test questions that are recorded in your results file and the final assessment which, if required, can be invigilated.

Instant feedback … No need to answer via email or wait for a reply to see how you have done. Online forms provide the perfect solution and give instant feedback on your answers.

Invigilated assessments … If you wish to take the RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Ocean oral exam, the RYA require the end of course theory assessment to be invigilated by an RYA Instructor at an RYA recognised Training Centre. Alternatively, the candidate can opt to take an extra paper during the oral exam. If you wish to take an invigilated assessment at the end of the theory course rather than take an extra paper during the oral exam please let us know in advance and we can arrange for you to take the assessment at one of our participating centers. There will be a fee for the invigilation which is at the discretion of the chosen RYA recognised Training Centre.

Sextant labled for learning
NB: A sextant is not required to complete the RYA Yachtmaster Ocean theory