Coastal Discovery

Coastal Discovery Adventure Sailing Trip

This trip is about getting the best out of both worlds at a time, when the area is at its most productive. The sea is warm (relatively) and life abounds. In this expedition we endeavour to sail to some of the less explored spots and venture into caves in the dinghy or swim in (wearing wetsuits). Nothing is as exhilarating as jumping from a ledge into the beautiful Atlantic. Landing on some of the more difficult islands may mean a swim so we can explore places that have had very little in the way of human impact. To get the most out of this trip, candidates should be fit, proficient swimmers and be able to rock scramble. Obviously snorkels and masks are a must for this one and every opportunity to look under the water is taken. you will need a wetsuit to get the most out of it.

The Cork and Kerry coastline is a rich in coves and harbours to anchor up, with heritage sites and beautiful coastal trails to explore.

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We go where the wind is safe and you will enjoy every nautical mile,
Whatever the direction.